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Mueller Gate Valve and Hydrant Available with the HYMAX Grip® Restraint


The HYMAX Grip restraint is now available on 4”-12” A-2361 Mueller Resilient Wedge Gate Valves (RWGV) and Super Centurion 250 fire hydrants. With its versatile, single-bolt restraint, the HYMAX Grip restraint can join a wide selection of pipe types and diameters - resulting in easier, more flexible installations.

The HYMAX Grip restraint is factory assembled on Mueller RWGVs and Super Centurion hydrants, significantly reducing installation time and effort. Coupled with the A-2361 Mueller RWGV and Super Centurion 250 fire hydrant, the HYMAX Grip restraint helps to drive improvements in planning, efficiency, and cost savings within the water network.

“Mueller is excited to offer Resilient Wedge Gate Valves and Super Centurion hydrants using our patented, reliable HYMAX Grip restraint”, said Adam Donnelly, VP & General Manager of the Iron Gate Valve product lines at Mueller. “This is a new way to help our customers realize efficiencies and lower costs through use of our products they already know and trust.”

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Mueller Deploys Smart Customer IoT Product in Santa Rosa County, Florida


Mueller Systems has been selected by Pace Water System in Santa Rosa County, Florida to deploy a pilot program for their water meter system which include new features that allow customers to control their meter from a mobile phone. The pilot program is underway and is expected to include 350 customers, with completion of the program at the end of this month.

Pace Water System provides service to 18,000 customers in Santa Rosa County. They own an existing Mueller AMI (Advanced Metering Infrastructure) that was installed in 2016. This pilot involves integrating the existing metering infrastructure with a customer facing mobile application to allow customers to have greater insight and control over the water supplied to their household.

The integration uses Mueller’s Sentryx API (Application Programming Interface) to integrate the existing system with a customer-facing mobile app from Dropcountr, a cloud-based data analytics and customer engagement application for water utilities. Customers who opt-in can see their hourly water usage and turn their water on or off from their phone. This will give customers the ability to remotely control the water supply to their house.

“One of our goals is to offer utilities high value products and features that help improve customer experience and increase satisfaction. We believe that our Sentryx Water Intelligence Platform customer mobile solution achieves this goal. This new solution will allow residents to stay connected with their water activity at home while travelling, which is especially valuable in areas prone to severe weather events,” says Kenji Takeuchi, Senior Vice President of Water Management Solutions at Mueller.

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El Dorado Irrigation District, CA Switches to HYMAX Versa® for all its Pipe Repair


The El Dorado Irrigation District (EID) serves El Dorado County in northern California and has approximately 600 repairs per year due to seismic activity, damage caused by growing tree roots, and regular wear and tear. They recently switched to using HYMAX after a repair on an asbestos-cement (AC) pipe.

The problem with AC pipes is that they are typically cut to replace a section of damaged pipe, which sets in motion a series of health and environmental precautions along with mandatory paperwork. Water flow is shut down, and pipes need to be flushed out and disinfected before water service can return. This in turn means the utility must manage water shutdown notifications, and businesses and residents have to deal with the inconvenience of no service.

With the HYMAX Versa, EID has been able to repair AC pipes much faster as they do not need to be cut, and water flow does not need to be shut off. The coupling can be opened to wrap around the pipe to repair the damage without any further action required. Repair costs are less due to fewer workers performing the repair and there is no need for shutdown notifications, regulatory paperwork or flushing. Most importantly, the risk to water quality is greatly minimized.

Water Construction Supervisor Noel Russel said, “The HYMAX Versa is a game-changer for us. We’ve been able to reduce repair times by 70% with thousands of dollars saved per job. Our water system is aging and planning repairs is a moving target as we are often dealing with multiple repairs per day. With the Versa, crews are often done by 10 a.m. leaving lots of time to make other repairs that day.”

The HYMAX Versa has a patented hydraulic pressure-assisted gasket that inflates as water pressure increases. This allows for three degrees of dynamic deflection on each end to reduce the risk of future damage to the pipe due to shifting ground. The HYMAX Versa can be applied as a stab fit to couple pipes or it can be wrapped around damaged sections to repair the pipe. This flexibility gives installers the option to connect or repair a range of water and wastewater pipes with diameters from 1.5" to 70”.

“We’ve moved to using HYMAX for all of our repair needs in El Dorado Irrigation District,” said Russel. “With the number of repairs our crews handle throughout the year, we’re looking for every advantage to make repairs faster and at a lower cost to better serve our customers.”

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Check Out Our Latest Environmental, Social and Governance Report


As a leader in the water infrastructure industry, we take pride in developing innovative products and solutions to help deliver clean, safe drinking water to millions of people and communities around the world. With depleting freshwater sources, ongoing climate change impacts, declining biodiversity and aging water infrastructure, our role is more important today than ever before.

We are committed to being responsible stewards of the communities in which we live and work. We actively engage with our key stakeholders – our customers, suppliers, investors, employees and fellow community members – to determine what our environmental, social and governance (ESG) priorities should be, based on what matters most to them and our planet.

Guided by the sustainability reporting standards set forth by the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), our approach to environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors address issues that matter most to our customers, investors, employees and the communities we serve.

Mueller uses Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to trace and drive our environmental sustainability results. Beginning in 2009, we established our KPI basis and set internal reduction targets. Mueller is actively measuring, managing and reducing our environmental footprint in four key areas: Energy, Water, Greenhouse Gas and Waste Sent to Landfills.

We remain committed to our goals to reduce our environmental footprint by decreasing our energy usage and water withdrawal, searching for renewable energy opportunities, reducing the volume of waste we send to landfills and expanding our recycling programs. We have also instituted several new programs and KPI metrics to manage our human capital and community initiatives, with an added emphasis on diversity, equity and inclusion along with employee training, development, recruitment and retention.

We encourage you to join us and check out our 2021 ESG Report 

The HYMAX® Asset Installer Mobile Application is Coming Soon


The latest Mueller innovation – HYMAX Asset Installer, is a simple yet powerful asset management solution for cataloging, tracking, and proactively managing your HYMAX assets with the use of QR codes. By establishing this baseline of your water network, you can better prioritize and fund necessary investments to reduce long term costs and risks.

This mobile application will soon be available for water utilities and operators with HYMAX products to:

  • Plan for cost efficiency: One-click support with onsite technical product resources such as specifications and installation that you can gain public trust and satisfaction through increased operational efficiency and reduced downtime.

  • Plan for peace of mind: One-click support with onsite technical product resources such as specifications and installation instructions... so that you can benefit from reduced cost of ownership and peace of mind.

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Introducing the Sentryx™ Water Intelligence Digital Showroom


This new digital showroom for the Sentryx Water Intelligence Platform aims to provide water utilities and operators with a seamless digital experience on their own journey toward understanding what Sentryx can do for their communities and environment. The showroom is optimized for viewing on a desktop or mobile device – making it easy to access on the go.

With a click of a button you can schedule one-on-one demonstration with our solution consultants. Our consultants are there to walk you through the platform, focus on your pain points and explore possible solutions that could address your needs and your budget.

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Mueller Launches the EchoShore®-DXe Sensor for Leak Detection


When water leaks go undetected, they pose a serious threat to critical infrastructure – and the surroundings. Water utilities can increase their resilience and avoid catastrophic failure with EchoShore-DX, the state-of-the-art leak monitoring system. The hydrant-based sensors and new valve-based EchoShore-DXe can be used together to detect, monitor, and locate leaks, providing coverage where utilities need it most.

The sensors monitor the network and transmit the data to a secure cloud server to complete a system-wide correlation that leverages powerful filtering, AI algorithms, and expert leak analysts. When a leak is detected, utilities are notified with a leak alert via Sentryx™ and email. By providing contextual information, such as surroundings and leak progression, utilities can coordinate and prioritize repairs more efficiently, reduce water loss, and protect the communities they serve.

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The Singer® In-Line Strainer is Now Available in Additional Sizes


 The Singer® In-Line Strainer is carefully designed to protect valves and regulators from pipeline debris, so utilities don’t have to worry about costly maintenance, downtime, and repairs. Manufactured in ductile iron with corrosion-resistant stainless-steel screen, the screen design provides a smooth laminar flow, which is ideal for locations ahead of automatic control valves. The strainer is now available in eight sizes: 2”, 2 ½”, 3”, 4”, 6”, 8”, 10”, and 12” (DN50, DN65, DN80, DN100, DN150, DN200, DN250, and DN300).

It is also supplied with flushing ports on both sides of the strainer along with an air bleed connection and connections across the screen for the installation of a differential pressure gauge if required.

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Water & Waste Digest Interviews Harold Mosley About the Hydro-Guard®


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