JULY | 2021


Mueller Announces Acquisition of i2O Water Ltd.


The acquisition of i2O Water enhances Mueller’s ability to accelerate its software offerings. i2O’s intelligent network solutions are complementary to both Sentryx™, Mueller’s digital services platform, and existing Mueller technology-enabled products used for metering, leak detection, pipe condition assessment and water quality.

i2O Water delivers intelligent water networks to more than 100 water companies in over 45 countries around the world to reduce water loss by providing solutions that enable clients to instrument, analyze and control water networks to reduce leakage, lower energy consumption and improve supply. The Company provides a range of market-leading intelligent water network solutions including advanced pressure management, network analytics, event management, data logging and the iNet software suite.

“Our digital transformation strategy is focused on enabling water utilities to effectively monitor and manage their infrastructure networks,” said Scott Hall, President and CEO of Mueller Water Products. “i2O’s pressure management solutions, analytics and deep technology expertise will help expand our ability to provide products and solutions that support the resiliency and sustainability needs of our customers.”

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Mueller Announces Deployment of AMI in Calaveras County,CA


Calaveras County Water District (CCWD) provides water service to over 13,000 municipal, residential and commercial customers in six service areas throughout the County. The CCWD has chosen Mueller Systems to deploy an advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) network covering 1,000 square miles with 13,000 AMI endpoints. The project will replace the majority of the District’s meters and add communication capabilities to all meters.

“We recognized some time ago that AMI can play a critical role in helping the District meet its goals to improve customer experience, optimize water use and remain cost-conscious,” said Damon Wyckoff, Director of Operations for Calaveras County Water District. “The Mi.Net® AMI solution provides us with a cost-effective path forward to meet these goals and enhance customer service by providing our customers with a near real-time window into their water use.”

The project will provide new state-of-the art metering technology to the area, allowing Calaveras County to capture hourly meter readings in near real-time and provide accurate data to the District’s water billing system. The SentryxTM software enabled Mi.Net AMI system uses a LoRa® enabled radio device that is attached to the newly installed meter and digital register to transmit water usage information over a secure network. The Sentryx water intelligence platform provides analytical data and insights, enabling water utilities to make informed strategic and day-to-day operational decisions. The new are also capable of identifying potential leaks and allowing customers to view their water usage, better manage consumption and conserve water.

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Introducing the New E-Z TAP™ Drilling Machine


Mueller has expanded the small drilling machine product line with the launch of the EZ-TAP™ drilling machine. This compact, lightweight EZ-TAP drilling machine is designed specifically for water taps and used with service saddles and corporation stops up to 300 psig working pressure. The new design makes service connections easier on mains with or without pressure. It can be hand operated using a standard socket or off-the-shelf cordless drill.

The EZ-TAP drilling machine is available in two kit options - The Machine Kit is designed for ¾” and 1” corporation stops, and the Large Diameter Kit (Less Machine), is designed for 1-¼”, 1-½”, and 2” corporation stops.

Click here for more information about the EZ-TAP drilling machine.

Mueller Deploys the Industry’s First LoRaWAN® Class B Endpoints in the Town of Florence, AZ


The Town of Florence in Central Pinal County, Arizona, is the first water utility to benefit from this latest technology advancement which provides flexibility to scale network coverage and integrates into remote disconnect meters (RDM), leak detection and pressure monitoring systems – unlocking greater network efficiency and improving data granularity.

Delivered by Mueller Systems, the Mi.Net® node, implemented with LoRaWAN Class B specifications, is a bi-directional endpoint capable of transmitting secure data to and from a network server within seconds, as opposed to hours with a Class A endpoint. At this unprecedented speed of communication, on-demand reads can be commanded and delivered without delay, providing real-time data to customer service and operations to identify and resolve outages quicker than before.

“The deployment of smart meters is accelerating our journey toward digital transformation and the foundation required to build out our smart city grid,” said Brent Billingsley, Town Manager of the Town of Florence. “We are confident that this open source network will provide new operational efficiencies, enhanced service opportunities and additional revenue streams.”

Each LoRa-based endpoint maintains the data in its non-volatile onboard memory and communicates with the Mueller Mi.Net Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) system. This helps to ensure water utilities are protected against any single point of failure. Alerts such as leak detection, no flow, low flow, and register tampering are monitored 24/7 by the Mueller Network Operations Center to provide an added layer of security. By deploying Mi.Net LoRaWAN Class B endpoints, the Town can simply pair them with Mueller Systems model 420 RDM to allow water meters to be turned on or off without the need for truck rolls.

Click here for more information on the Mi.Net LoRaWAN Class B endpoints.

DuPage Water Commission Stops Leak and Saves Major Highway from Potential Catastrophe


DuPage Water Commission (DWC) is the second largest water supply system in the state of Illinois, serving over 900,000 residents with close to 200 miles of water mains. When a leak occurred on 24” ductile iron pipe (DIP) pipe that was under 6” of asphalt and 12” of concrete and underneath a major highway overpass, DWC was keen to pinpoint the leak, isolate that section, reduce excavation limits, and minimize site disturbance quickly and accurately.

The Echologics LeakFinder-ST and later the EchoShore-M, which is better suited to large diameter pipes, were used to compare the accuracy of readings. The leak was found to be right in the middle of the two points of interest (POI), demonstrating that both technologies worked equally well. “We were pleased with the leak location results, which made the repair more efficient and ultimately saved our organization time, money, and resources,” said Bill Wegner, Pipeline Construction Coordinator of DuPage Water Commission.

Shortly after a second leak was suspected that was more challenging as the 24” DIP water main dove down 20’ to go under a creek, a 60’ wide cast in place box culvert, and a 4-lane highway. “This time, more than ever, we needed to know where the actual leak was, as it could mean a significant difference on where to dig and how to attack the repair with such a challenging and sensitive location,” said Wegner.

The POI that the EchoShore-M identified over 3,894 feet was within 4' of the leak. Armed with the POI, DWC was able to isolate the pipe section and send a camera into the pipe at the closest access point to learn more about the leak. “We found a fist sized hole in the pipe and, since the pipe section was isolated, we could see ground water entering the pipe,” said Wegner.

DWC determined the best course of action for repair was to line the pipe as the leak ended up underneath the box culvert. They were able fix the leak within days of suspecting there even was a leak.

Click here for more information on the EchoShore-M leak detection solution.

Mueller Systems® Migrates all Customers from Mi.Host to Sentryx™ Water Intelligence Platform


Mueller Systems is in the process of migrating all customers from the Mi.Host meter data management system to the Sentryx Water Intelligence platform. This new digital services platform will seamlessly allow water utilities to monitor, operate and monetize water distribution networks.

Some key benefits include:

  • Easy: All your water network data integrated into one secure platform with intuitive dashboards
  • Sustainable: Realize a resilient and more sustainable utility through platform insights and efficient operations
  • Customer Centric: Improve network visibility to prevent and manage issues before customer impact
  • Dynamic Implementation: Bundle or independent services for metering, pressure monitoring and leak detection

This smart, migratable solution gives utilities the ultimate flexibility and scalability and allows advanced capabilities to be integrated to fixed networks or drive-by solutions, without replacing the entire system.

Laguna Madre Water District’s Robert Gomez, Director of Operations, commented on the migration process, “The new Mueller Systems meters that we purchased from Ferguson have helped tremendously in customer satisfaction and keeping track of leaks. We have one individual who signs in daily to Sentryx to review the status on any meter alerts which warns us of any water leaks and helps with our conservation efforts.”

Click here for more information about Sentryx Water Intelligence Platform

HYMAX® Versa Customizes Solution to Fix Coupling Leaks in Idaho


A&B Irrigation is a co-op water irrigation district located near Rupert, Idaho that serves 82,000 acres of farmland. They recently needed to find a solution that would quickly, and cost effectively seal leaks on couplings connecting 40’ sections of 78” OD steel piping used to transport water over 1,400 ft from the Snake River to an open canal trench.

The pipeline was originally installed in 1953, connecting steel pipe sections with multi-bolt dresser couplings. Over time, the gaskets were increasingly leaking, and the couplings needed to be replaced. With the large sections of pipe sitting on cement stands, however, installing new couplings would require dismantling the sections of pipe, connecting them, and then putting them back in place.

They chose the HYMAX Versa wraparound coupling for replacing the dresser multi-bolt couplings. The coupling can open like a clamp but offers the durability, dynamic deflection, and seal of a HYMAX coupling. Weighing 226 lb with only six bolts to tighten on each side, the Versa is relatively lightweight and quick to install compared to a multi-bolt dresser, which can weigh 500 to 600 lb with 24 to 30 bolts.

Dresser bolts also need to be removed and then tightened when the coupling is in place whereas the HYMAX bolts only need to be loosened to open the coupling and then tightened upon installation. Federal government engineers noted that the coupling required a higher pressure value than what the HYMAX Versa provided, so HYMAX created a customized version to meet this requirement and also have it fit on the pipe’s 78” OD (regular sizes are 1.5” to 70”).

Made from stainless steel, the Versa can withstand harsh Idaho winters and features a weld-free construction to make it resistant to corrosion. The elimination of welds is crucial since these areas are where corrosion often starts. It also has a patented hydraulic pressure-assisted gasket that inflates as the water pressure increases. This allows for dynamic deflection that provides a type of shock absorber to minimize damage due to shifts caused by extreme cold.

A&B Irrigation found that the sections between the pipes were sealed up with sediment, and the only way to separate the pipes was to tear them apart. The pipe ends were also severely corroded and needed to be removed so the coupling could latch onto undisturbed steel. With the original connectors removed, the ends of the pipe standing at 2” apart were sandblasted and repainted to protect against corrosion. A crane was brought in to lift the huge HYMAX Versa into place on the pipe. The coupling was closed around the pipe and then the 12 bolts were tightened to complete the installation. With the success of using the HYMAX Versa, A&B Irrigation has replaced all the old connectors.

Click here for more information on the HYMAX Versa.



New Mueller Territory Managers


Tyler Argall, Infrastructure Territory Manager - Wisconsin

Peter Carpenter, Hymax Territory Sales Manager - Northeast

Steve Cramp, Infrastructure Territory Manager – Greater Toronto Area

Laura Dority, Water Management Solutions Account Manager - Northeast

John Flynn, Metrology Territory Manager – Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana

Justin Getz, Metrology Territory Manager – Illinois, Wisconsin

Chuck Krohg, Metrology Territory Manager - Northeast

Tacito Loschiavo, Neto Metrology Territory Manager - Florida

Taylor Pardue, Hymax Territory Sales Manager – Upper Midwest

Jeff Phillips, Pratt Regional Manager – Eastern U.S.

Ryan Ward, Infrastructure Territory Manager – Central Florida

Daniel Whittemore, Metrology Territory Manager – Northern California

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