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Ask About our Echologics Lead Service Line Screening

The Environmental Protection Agency’s Lead and Copper Ruling requires that water utilities submit lead service line inventory information by Oct 16, 2024. It is estimated that there are between 6-10 million lead service lines buried across the US.

Determining how many service pipes are lead and where they are located is not an easy task, in part because the water supply pipe belongs in whole or part to the property owner. In addition, traditional methods of determining pipe material can be time consuming, costly, and not always accurate.

Echologics is leveraging its extensive knowledge on acoustics to identifying lead supply pipes by attaching two sensors to ‘bracket’ the portion of the supply line. An acoustic signal is then sent through the pipe and recorded and analyzed by Echologics’ Lead Supply Line Screening Method Kit and the Sentryx™ Water Intelligence platform. The primary advantages of this technique are that it is non-invasive, non-disruptive and the pipe material determination is quick - within minutes.

As an added bonus, utilities can simultaneously survey the service line using Echologics’ leak detection technology to check for customer-side leaks and water loss from plumbing.

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Mueller Talks About Intelligent Infrastructure with Water Online

In this episode of Water Talk, Angela Godwin sits down with Kenji Takeuchi from Mueller Water Products. Kenji shares some of the challenges that customers are facing today, and how Mueller addresses those challenges. Watch the full video to learn more on how Mueller is creating an intelligent water network to transform the way that water is delivered to people around the world, and how we are leveraging infrastructure to get this done.

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Mueller Experts Interviewed by Water World at ACE

Hear the latest from Mueller experts about our move to C87850 lead free brass, and Echologics new acoustic technology to help utilities meet the EPA’s Oct 2024 requirement for lead service line inventory. Also learn how automated flushing, advanced metering and ePulse Optimized condition assessment can help water utilities save time and money.Hear the latest from Mueller experts about our move to C87850 lead free brass, and Echologics new acoustic technology to help utilities meet the EPA’s Oct 2024 requirement for lead service line inventory. Also learn how automated flushing, advanced metering and ePulse Optimized condition assessment can help water utilities save time and money.

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South Daytona Deploys Mueller Systems NaaS AMI System

The City of South Daytona, Florida, will soon begin deployment of the Mueller Systems’ Network as a Service (NaaS) AMI System with LoRaWAN. The LoRaWAN endpoints will efficiently collect data remotely and provide South Daytona with visibility into its customers’ water consumption.

The Mi.Net® node with LoRaWAN is a bi-directional endpoint capable of transmitting secure data to and from the network server within seconds. At this unprecedented speed of communication, on-demand reads can be requested and received without delay. Near real-time data is available to customer service and operations, which will help identify and resolve leaks or billing issues quicker.

Each LoRa-based endpoint maintains the data in its non-volatile onboard memory and communicates with the Mueller Systems Mi.Net® Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) system. This data backup feature helps to ensure that South Daytona’s water utility is protected against any single point of failure. Alerts such as potential leaks, no flow, low flow, and register tampering are monitored by the Mueller Systems Network Operations Center to provide an added layer of security. Mueller Systems’ NaaS offering means South Daytona does not have to worry about maintaining the network and can focus on customer service.

South Daytona Spokesperson Caitlin Weiss - Utility Billing Supervisor, said, “Our goal is to better serve our citizens by using smart meters that allow for more timely reads, billing consistency, and better access to data when troubleshooting usage inconsistencies with customers.”

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Meet the Jones® J7000 Series Break Check Valve

The J7000 Break Check Valve can be easily fitted to any Jones wet barrel hydrant. If a hydrant is struck by a vehicle, the J7000 slowly closes automatically to minimize water hammer and protect infrastructure and property damage. This automatic shut off can reduce water loss by 90% or more. The J7000 emits a mist of water providing notification that an accident has occurred so crews can quickly get the hydrant back in service.

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Mueller Strengthens Commitment to Domestic Manufacturing

BABA requires that federally funded water infrastructure projects use American-made materials, such as pipes, valves, and fittings. Mueller has complied with the American Iron and Steel Act for many years, making it a seamless transition to BABA compliance. As utilities using federal funding are required to purchase BABA compliant products, you can be assured that Mueller’s dedicated BABA compliance team has you covered. We continue to invest in our facilities not only implementing new innovative manufacturing capabilities but also capacity. Check out the video below to hear more on this topic.

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Sentryx™ Platform Continues to Evolve with Customer Feedback

At Mueller, we are committed to the continuous discovery and improvement of the Sentryx user experience. One of the many benefits of a cloud-based platform is that we can continue to increase functionality and keep up to date with best practices and security. Here are some of the recent updates:

  • Sentryx Insights page now displays the Top 10 monthly consumption accounts/consumers within the site. This allows users to monitor the health of the site for sound decision-making by identifying high water consumers and tracking their consumption over time.

  • On the Insights page, a site level monthly consumption report for potable and reclaimed has been added. Users can view the potable or reclaimed consumption separately, along with their precipitation data. The utilities can now differentiate and analyze the overall potable consumption as well as reclaimed consumption for the desired period which would help estimating future water demands and network planning.

  • Improved Sentryx remote messaging processing time as well as cross site load balancing to a great extent. Enhancements have been made to Mueller cloud architecture to significantly reduce the amount of time it takes to perform Remote Disconnect Meter (RDM) actions and on-demand reads. This affords users a closer to real-time experience when performing on-demand reads or operating Mueller Systems remote disconnect meters. There has been no change to the user’s workflow or to the appearance of Sentryx regarding on-demand reads or RDM actions.

  • Improvement in Sentryx UI/UX based on customer feedback. From the Audit page, users will now see a link to their devices in the Device ID field, which will navigate them to each device’s Meters details page.

  • Enhancement of security protocols surrounding identity access management. This enhancement is a continuation of Mueller’s commitment to re-enforce Sentryx security and its users.

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