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For water infrastructure projects, count on our broad Build America, Buy America (BABA) certified portfolio and streamlined compliance process to leverage a once-in-a-generation investment opportunity



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Looking to upgrade your water distribution system? Ready to replace those old lead pipes? Now’s the time to plan your federally funded water infrastructure projects for the betterment of your community. Mueller makes it easy. Our team stands ready to assist you throughout the process — from quote to delivery. We’ll identify and document products within our portfolio that qualify for your infrastructure project.


What's Covered Under BABA?

The Build America, Buy America Act offers federal funding for projects built with a preference for domestic products. Items can only qualify for one of the following categories.

Iron & Steel Products

Under BABA, this refers to articles, materials or supplies that consist wholly or predominantly of iron and/or steel.

Manufactured Products

Under BABA, this category does not include iron or steel products, construction materials or Section 70917(c) materials. It does include other articles, materials or supplies that have been (i) processed into a specific form and shape, or (ii) combined with other articles, materials or supplies to create a product with different properties than the individual articles, materials or supplies.

Construction Materials

Under BABA, this refers to non-ferrous metals, plastic and polymer-based products, glass, fiber optic cable, optical fiber, lumber, engineered wood and drywall. Minor additions of articles, materials, supplies or binding agents do not change categorization of the construction materials.

Why Choose Mueller?

Because nobody is more experienced in serving America's water business

We started 165 years ago and earned our first patent in 1872. The innovation, curiosity and strive for excellence has never stopped. As society has evolved and water system requirements have become more complex, customers continue to turn to Mueller for unmatched product breadth and performance that drives operational efficiencies, enhanced customer service and economy.


What "Made In America" Products Do You Need?

  • Hydrants
  • Gate Valves
  • Butterfly Valves
  • Plug Valves
  • Diaphragm Control Valves
  • Iron Service Saddles

Example BABA application: Distribution system upgrades

  • Meter Pits and Meter Setters

Example BABA application: Lead pipe replacement

Mueller would be pleased to help you save time by sourcing the complete package of equipment and materials for your projects.

Domestic Product Requirements Guide and Portfolio

Tell us what “Made in America” products you need

Download the Guide and Portfolio

BABA Resources

Mueller BABA Brochure

Summarizes Mueller’s BABA requirements and offerings, and a bit about who we are. Print and use as a guide in developing project plans.


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BABA compliance requires several considerations in the earliest planning stage. Get in touch with Mueller ASAP so we can help ensure your water project success.

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